“What a gift.”

“This interactive training was so memorable. I came away with more at this training because it was so hands on. I’m finding myself hungry for more. I’m already signed up for the next one!”

— C.L. Training participant

“I can’t wait until the next open demo!”

“My first experience of psychodrama & sociometry was at an open demon in Chicago. Wow! What an experience. I felt more bonded and connected with this group, unlike other groups I experienced.”

— N.V. Open Demo participant

“Conducting the orchestra of roles within ourselves and in our lives, for greater harmony, is universally rewarding.”

  • Mary M “Peg” Lane MA, SLANT MSL Certived, CP


“Psychodrama has truly changed my life. I discovered it on a whim at a training offered through my work and I fell in love with putting my issues into action. Now I always use sociometry to build connections because I have seen it’s power to connect.”

  • K.P. Chicago Therapist